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Curious Father Finds Out His Son Secretly Tends Starving Dogs

A curious father was left stunned after discovering where his young son was going on his daily walks.

He noticed his son left their house in the rural Philippines every day for two weeks, carrying a backpack, and one day he decided to tag along.

The pair stopped on the side of the road and moments later a group of starving stray dogs came towards them.

His son told him he had been taking the trips to feed the dogs, who appear to be infected with mange, a skin disease caused by parasitic mites.

Remembering when he first saw the animals, he explained:  ‘I’m embarrassed to say I was pretty disgusted. But my son changed my perspective entirely.

‘He doesn’t have my prejudice and paranoia I guess. I was blown away when I saw that little zombie pup do a hi-five again and again.’

The proud father now supplies the dog food for his son and hopes to treat the stray dogs for their skin condition and eventually re-home them.

He added his son, who has been taking precautions to disinfect himself after interacting with the strays, has ambitions to open his own animal shelter.

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